Day 3331 – How Marriage Is Like Totality During An Eclipse – repost

I had a last minute change of plans today, so I’m sitting in my mechanic’s waiting room getting this posted. Don’t worry, it’s just an oil change. Ah, how nice it is to have a car that just needs routine maintenance. Not going to lie though, I happened to look up while getting ready to come into the shop and noticed my very clean interior ceiling…no soda stains. I had a can of soda explode on a hot day that stained my last car’s ceiling. Got a little misty thinking about how much I loved that car.

But without further ado, here is how marriage is like totality during an eclipse.

originally posted 8/24/17

I’m realizing how big of an impact experiencing a total eclipse has had on me as the days go by and the experience marinates. I’ve watched videos and looked at others’ pictures. And it all takes me back to that moment it started. That moment is truly amazing. Laughing, crying, experiencing awe. Is it 2024 yet? Seriously.

One thing that Bret and I have been very aware of our whole marriage and relationship is the shortness of life. With him serving in the Marines and my personal losses of friends at young ages, the shortness and unknown of how long we have on earth has been impressed on our cores. Since he’s been working in real estate investing, he’s talked to a lot of people in many different situations. Some of those situations are losing a spouse, or caring for a spouse, or any number of losses. Yesterday, Bret gave me a hug and just said how much he loved me and how grateful he was for me. That he wanted to take the opportunity when he could. I said, semi-jokingly, I’m enjoying our time in totality. But as I’ve been thinking about it, it’s a perfect picture of the full life of a marriage. There is so much build up to the marriage. So much excitement preparing for the start. Then when the marriage starts, and totality begins, it is amazing. You want to laugh, you want to cry, you want to grab the person next to you and say, “can you believe this??” Then, so very soon after, so very brief, it is over. You are changed. Your life will never be the same because of the experience. I don’t know of the end of totality of marriage yet. I can try to imagine what my life might be like without Bret, but I don’t want to spend my time during totality worrying what I will do after. But I will live in the shadow of the moon and just experience the time that I have. I will laugh, I will cry, I will grab everyone I can and share how amazing marriage can be. I will appreciate every second, because there are so few of them left.

How are you enjoying your totality?


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