Day 3315 – Planning Work When You’re Going Away

This Friday, Bret and I will be taking a quick trip to Boston and then Lenox to see John Williams (composer of Star Wars, ET, Indiana Jones, etc.) I’m so excited to see him in concert! We spent a bit of time deciding if we would take a longer trip and hit the other 3 states we haven’t visited up that way (VT, NH, ME), but realizing just how much there was to see there and how much we’d be rushing through, we decided it made more sense to just visit MA. After making the decision, I then figured out what I needed to do for work before we left.

If you’re not using it yet, you gotta make Asana a part of your life. I currently have six different accounts for six different businesses. While you don’t need to create so many accounts, it works for me to separate each one. What I love about Asana is I can quickly look at the upcoming tasks by date. I can see what HAS to be done and what can be moved. I can easily change dates and know what to add to each of my written to-dos. This hybrid system of a digital to-do list that I then put on paper to-dos has worked well for me.

I looked at my needs for this blog and for my Facebook group. I wrote everything out and brainstormed what I could write about. I plan on writing and scheduling those today.

Next, I printed off a packlist from my personal Asana account. This is something that is relatively the same for each trip, but I plan on making modifications and using that information for supplementing my new blog.

I also created a to-do list for what I need to do before the trip – booking the rooms, finding different things to do, etc.

So a good deal of the “work” of figuring out what I need to do was already done since I track my tasks in Asana.

In some respects, I feel like I’m overplanning for what is really only one day off since I mostly just do personal project type stuff on the weekends, but it was a good reminder for the benefits of planning things out in advance.

What do you do when planning your work while you’re away for a trip?


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2 thoughts on “Day 3315 – Planning Work When You’re Going Away

    • Ha ha, I hear ya on that! I do talk a big game, but there are some times when I don’t take my own advice (i.e. our recent California trip). I had all my to dos figured out, but I didn’t schedule anything and felt the weight of all the content to write while away. But each trip teaches me something new and it takes time! So just learn after each trip and make changes in the future.

      Oh man, I’m SO excited! When we saw Hans Zimmer last year (check out Day 2933 for more about that) it completely changed my life and I knew I had to have seeing composers in person a definite bucket list item. Check back next week to hear how John Williams was!

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