Day 3269 – Life Lessons At 30,000 Feet – Or – How It Took Four Hours To Watch A Movie That Was Two Hours Long – repost

Yesterday into early this morning, we traveled nearly 3000 miles in 12 hours. I was so happy to be back home to our floor. 🙂 We’re such weirdos. Ah well, it’s good sleep, so what if we’re weirdos. Our second flight was about 4 hours and we thought we’d splurge and pay for a movie. $5 got us Jurassic World. I figured I’d watch some TV after, read a book, sleep or play a game. The movie was just over two hours.

After about 5 minutes, it hiccuped. Think of when you’re watching something in an area with bad reception. Now imagine that for 4 hours. I had to keep track of where I was in the movie so I could put it at the right spot after it restarted. But here’s the crazy thing – I didn’t get mad. I didn’t get frustrated. Ok, maybe near the end of the flight when I still hadn’t seen the whole movie, I got a little annoyed. But I realized that every time the movie hiccuped, I looked out the window. Every time I looked out the window, I thought about the towns and cities we were flying over. I thought about all the lives of those people. How many thousands of families, problems, joys, sorrows, and people who may need to know God. I thought about how many people were on our flight and how many stories, families, problems, etc. they had.

Every time I fly, it makes me feel so small. It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives. It’s so easy to not see the big picture. It’s so easy to think you’re the only one out there. Flying reminds me how MASSIVE this country is. How many people there are out there to talk to, pray for and get to know. It also blows my mind how far we’ve come. We can travel 3000 miles in half a day. We can watch movies in the air. It really does feel like magic sometimes.

So while I didn’t get the full experience of watching a movie straight through, I got a pretty cool reminder of how good I have it and to look out the window every now and then.


originally posted 1/3/16


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