Day 3263 – We Met The Super Carlin Brothers!!!

Heyyyyyyyy Brother!!!! Oh friends, yesterday was SO much fun! The whole day was a really great experience and so so full.

We left a little later than we originally planned, so we went right to the movie theater area. We got lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill. Which was just delightful. I got bison meatloaf. Nom nom nom.

After that, we decided to get in line at the theater. I’m SO glad we did since we ended up near the front of the line and got pretty good seats. A little farther back than we normally sit, but center none the less. What’s cool about events like this is that the people who go are very much our peeps. The girl next to us was very nice and we enjoyed chatting with her.

Once everyone was seated, the brothers came out and everyone clapped and cheered (VERY cool experience). Then they asked us to all say Hey Brother!! (they start every video like this) and to hear a theater full of almost 300 people say it was very fun.

What’s really funny about the time leading up to this experience was that I wasn’t even thinking about my excitement to actually watch The Incredibles 2! Hello, we’ve been waiting 14 years! I will give no spoilers, but I will say that it was worth the wait and very enjoyable. (but sidenote, if you or someone you’re going with has visual sensitivity to flashing lights, don’t go)

After the movie, the meet and greet started. We were in the second group, but decided to wait near the meeting spot. So we got to watch the line move and see folks after they met the brothers. I have to say, it was SO neat to see people AFTER. Just this “holy crap, I just met them!!!” vibe. It was a fast 1 1/2-2 hours wait. When the first group was finishing up, we jumped in the back of the line and we were second for the next group.

We had all kinds of things we wanted to say like “Bret says Heyyyy Wifecakes!” (one of his nicknames for me) or “Your videos give us so much joy” but we just got to ask for our “fun face selfie.” They totally obliged and even took a few photos. They were just like they are in their videos in person.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I’m so glad it took place so close to home. It’s been a really fun year of meeting people that I look up to and I think it will be a part of my goal setting as time goes forward. I have some big names in my personal list but doing things like this makes it so much more attainable. So here I come Tim Ferris, Oprah, and yoga with Adriene (and Benji), get ready!


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