Day 3172 – Advice On Working With Your Spouse In A Small Business – repost

Crazy that I posted this over five years ago and 1,901 days ago….and now we’re running another business together. While there have been some challenges with me having several clients of my own, but it’s still been great to build something together. 🙂

originally posted 1/2/13

Yesterday, I alluded to a business Bret is starting…..

He is starting a personal training business!!! It’s a little different than most personal training businesses out there, but it’s really exciting! I’ll let him describe that for you. He’s still working on getting his Twitter/Facebook/Website together, so you’ll have to wait to learn more. BUT! I thought I would give some advice on working with your spouse!

As you know, I’ve worked with Bret as a business partner/consultant/second shooter/etc for the past 3 years. We believe that the husband is the leader in the marriage and household. It has been a big adjustment and large learning curve over the years. I learned that I am VERY independent, stubborn and prideful. These traits served me well as a single woman/business owner, but I really had to grow when I married Bret. I had to learn to say, you know what, I don’t know it all and Bret has some great points.

So advice for women business owners who are transitioning from being a single to being a married:

  1. Pray. Ask God to be glorified in your business and keep you at peace!
    (That second part is SO important!)
  2. Be humble.
  3. Listen to what he has to say about your business. It’s always good to have a fresh set of eyes.
  4. Don’t make changes right away that he suggests. Talk through them, use the knowledge that you have about your business to get on the same page.
  5. See him as a partner.

Now, this next part, I don’t have “seasoned” advice, but I’m still going to take a shot!

Bonus advice for couples who have two different businesses:

  • Your business is NOT going to be exactly the same as your spouses. I am a wedding photographer, Bret is a personal trainer. Our target client is different. We can certainly help each other out, but some aspects will be different.
  • When they’re talking about their business, don’t be thinking about your business. (This was Bret’s advice!)
  • See it as an adventure to take together.

So there you go! That’s where we’re at right now and some advice! It can be a really awesome and fun thing! Today was great, we sat and watched a few hours of videos about marketing/branding/etc. It was a great refresher for me and an awesome start for him. I can’t wait to share how this goes for us.

Do you work with your spouse in a small business? What do you struggle with? What joys do you have?

And what better way to leave you than with a picture of us being joyful in our work!



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