Day 3127 – Doing Things You Said You’d NEVER Do

How many times have you thought to yourself…
“I would never do that”
“You’ll never catch me doing XYZ”
“Can you believe they 123?”
“I would NEVER stop ABC!”

I definitely have a long list of things I said I would never do, that would never be true of me, that I would never do again. Thankfully, my story doesn’t stop there. I am SO glad that I am doing things or not doing things I would have thought I would always do.

– After a break up with a long distance boyfriend, I said I would NEVER do a long distance relationship again. Thankfully, I did have a long distance relationship (ha ha, and at one point it was multiple countries long distance).

– After different experiences, I said I would never date a military guy. Thankfully, again, that was not the case.

– I thought I could never quit drinking. While I attempted many times to do so, I finally did do that thing I never thought I would/could do.

– I’ve never really liked the MLM marketing systems. I HATE being sold to and not helped (can you tell I’m watching a summit on sales that don’t suck this week?) I hate being sold a product that I don’t need. Last year, I had a need for a good way to change the smell of a room. Through talking to a friend, I was helped by using essential oils. For YEARS I thought those “oil people” were crazy. Like, really, it’s just oil, come on now, calm down. But I got myself set up with a diffuser, and started diffusing lemon, peppermint, and lavender. It smelled great, but it wasn’t until I came upon allergy season and something happened that I was changed. Dudes, as soon as I felt my allergies kicking in, and thought, wait, I wasn’t feeling that earlier, I refilled the diffuser, and I realized that it was actually helping me! Now, this is NOT a buy oils from me statement. I have no desire to do that. But you better believe I’m encouraging people to try it out, no particular brand (though I am a doterra girl), just a “hey, this worked for me and it might work for you.” I’ve also come to believe in the “even if it doesn’t make sense, but it works for you, go for it!” school of thought.

– I never thought I would stop wedding photography, and yet, it was one of the better decisions I’ve made. And a really awesome ride. We met so many great couples and made so many friends along the way. There are days I miss THAT part. Ha ha, and the wedding industry is really really cool. But hey, it meant I could jump out of a plane and not worry about leaving my couples without a wedding photographer (seriously, I didn’t jump out of a plane until a few months after my last wedding).

I never thought I would change in a myriad of ways. But I’ve learned that constant change is the best thing that can happen to you.

What have you sworn you would never do, but did?


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