Day 3118 – Instapot Adventures – or – I Really Hate To Cook – or – Cooking Makes Me Ugly Cry

Let’s start this by explaining my utter hate of cooking, and to be honest, my laziness. My typical meal is two boxes of mac & cheese, 3-4 bags of frozen veggies, ONLY the steam in a bag ones. I’ve had a poor bag of peas in the freezer for months because I have to open the bag, pour it into a microwave safe container, cook it, then clean said container. I also toss in some pre-cooked mini sausages…mix it all up, and have a meal for a week. Beyond this is much too much work for me. I hate doing the dishes (even more so since we’re without a dishwasher). I don’t cook.

But in a case of utter serendipity, my cooking life shifted. First, I went to a friend’s house and she made something in her Instapot. She legit, threw in raw sausages, cut veggies, poured in some broth, and pressed a button. And made a box or two of rice.

After I lifted my jaw off the floor, I remembered I had access for the next few months to another friend’s Instapot. Could this be the change in my life that I’ve been needing? Could this Instapot miracle actually make me cook?

Only time will tell, but here in lies my first attempt.

Upon visiting my local Aldi for the necessary ingredients, I found OLD BAY sausages! I arrived home, unpacked everything, staged it to look nice so my life looks perfect, and started work.

I even started a timer to see how long it would take. What? I’m analytical and like tracking things….are you surprised by this? Time to open sausages and dump in pot – about a minute.

Then I used my amazing food chopper to cut up the peppers. This took me about 4-5 minutes.

At which point, I chopped an onion. Now, this food chopper is AMAZING. ::insert Jennilyn As Seen On TV Announcer voice:: The Vidalia Chop Wizard (small fee will apply to the amazing host of this cooking show provided by Amazon – at no additional cost to you!) will slice and dice your foods so you too can think you’re a wizard. Toss in those pesky onions and you’ll be done before you cry! Check out this amazing video that shows all that you can do!! (I fully realize I used the word amazing four five times in this paragraph, but trust me, it’s warranted).

::end Jennilyn As Seen On TV Announcer voice::

Ok, but seriously, EVERY thing that guy says is true about this dicer. lol, everything. Now, I wish I had actually just chopped the whole onion and not chopped it down….but that’s getting ahead of myself in our epic tale.

After chopping one onion, I did have some tears.

But I thought, ah, I could probably chop another little onion, what harm could befall me? As I pressed on, I found out. The dams that were my tear ducts exploded and I realized it may have been a bad day to wear a lot of black makeup.

Please note, this photo has not been doctored, or filtered, nor did I toss additional water on my face for laughs. This is my actual tear duct explosion.

But look how good those onions look! Worth the pain?…..maybe. All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to get the Instapot set up, maybe 3 for the rice, and normal dishes time. I could get the Instapot down to 10 or less (I watched videos and texted a friend for help).

Once I pressed the buttons on the Instapot….and like 8 minutes later realized I didn’t have it sealed….it finally started cooking. After I had that going, I started my rice cooker (Also a fantastic time saving way to cook rice, and also an Amazon Affiliate link).

Each device went off, the Instapot continued to depressurize or whatever magic happens at that point, my rice turned to warming, and Bret arrive literally when I had finished work for the day. I mean, to the minute. We actually sat and ate dinner together AND did the dishes together. That’s like, unheard of here. We’re both on different schedules and work rhythms throughout the day, so it’s rare that our schedules align.

So how did it taste? Oh baby, utterly amazing. Especially after we added several tablespoons of Old Bay. Delish. I believe I am a convert to the Instapot cult, just call me a #pothead with the rest of them. Now if I can just find recipes that are literally dumping things in and only one dish to clean, I’ll become a cult leader.

But seriously, if you have an Instapot recipe you love (and that is super easy….read above for what is easy to me)….share them!


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