Day 3108 – Make Your Dream Come True Day

I love days like today because I’m a big believer in not just having big dreams, but actually achieving them. For years, I struggled with making my dreams come true. I was a great dreamer, but a poor executor. Thankfully, I’ve made some changes and have grown a lot in this area. Here are some things that have helped me achieve my big dreams.

Have a plan and a goal. I talk about this a lot in my road trip book (link at the bottom of this post). You gotta know what your trip will cost and then break down how you will save for that. Until you can have a clear plan to get to your goal, you’ll (likely) never get there. I have a goal of reading 300 books this year. I have systems in place to hit this goal, and have ways to read every day to make progress towards that goal.

Realize that any progress each day is progress – even if it’s super small. Some days, I’m only working on one page, or one paragraph on my alcoholism memoir. But it’s one step closer each day.

Some dreams need a deadline and others just need daily consistency. My memoir is a great example of a daily consistency goal. I have no idea how long it will take me to finish writing. But since it’s a different type of book than I’ve ever written, I want to trust the process of showing up every day and eventually get to the published point.

Make it a game. For my morning checklist (writing, working out, reading a book on book marketing, reading through Tribe of Mentors, and working on Pinterest), I printed out dated grids which I highlight every day I do them. This is a great visual reminder of what I’ve done and for how long. Seeing progress is a big motivator. We’ve talked about making a pie chart or something to show how we’re doing in each of our budgets and trying to stay under so we can put more towards other investments (whether real estate or savings or whatever).

Realize it will be messy and hard. Going after any dream will have challenges. I think knowing you will experience them helps the process.

How are you making your dreams come true today?


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