Day 3085 – Mini Road Trip Fun

Whew doggie, the past few weeks have been such a blur! Lots of work for clients, between making deliveries, working events, doing things for Bret’s business, and just normal errands. I don’t think I fully realized just how busy it’s been until last night….when I went to bed at 7 p.m. I’m so thankful for how our travel plans panned out this year though, while we’re going later and for a shorter amount of time, there isn’t the stress of “Bret gets out of work and we go right to the airport.” We actually have a few days to prepare for the trip and knock out a bit of work before we go. Today is the first day I’ve had to fully work from home, in well, a while.

Yesterday, I had a delivery to make about 45 minutes away. I was able to set up another appointment and had my eye on getting lunch from my favorite creamery afterwards. One aspect about working for myself that is very important to me is wearing what I want, and being true to myself. When I make deliveries though, I do wear something nice. Thanks to a Christmas bonus, I was able to pick up some nice long sleeve shirts that pass as “business casual” but also work great in layering a t-shirt over top. So, I thought, well, after the appointment, it’s all fun stuff! So I asked Siri to remind me to put on my fun shirt after the appointment. Well, after the appointment, a reminder popped up – “Put on my Charlotte” It took me a good few minutes of trying to figure out what the heck I was reminding myself of…it wasn’t until I started saying it out loud. I got a great laugh out of that! lol, Siri has been interrepting me in some funny ways recently.

For lunch, I knew I wanted to get cream of crab soup, but something else as well. This lady ordered Cream of Crab soup, a mac and cheese with cream of crab mix, and a ham and chicken chowder.

I obviously kept them safe as I drove.

As luck would have it, my arrival back home was right on Bret’s lunch break! So we were able to enjoy all three soups together. So delicious.

I wish we were taking a road trip this holiday season, but it’s been a lot of fun driving so much these past few weeks. Ha ha, I’m not sure I’ve been getting close to the same amount of miles though! 😀


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