Day 3064 – Marriage Tip – Constantly Think About The End

If I’ve learned anything by reviewing all of my blog posts, it’s that the ones where I am honest about something, and actually take the time to think through and write my post, that it is a much better post. There are many days it’s hard to write something, especially when most of our days look very much like the one before, that I just throw up something. But knowing that even my future self will be helped by what I take the time to write, encourages me to push forward, and take the extra minutes.

We have gone through a lot of losses the past few years. Every one is a reminder of the shortness of our lives, and the uncertainty of tomorrow. It seems that folks will go through something like a death or other loss, have a “sun breaking through the clouds clarity” moment, realizing we have to embrace every day, and never let moments pass. But after a few weeks or months, this thought is in the back of their minds.

One thing that Bret and I do nearly every day is look at the fact that we’re still alive as amazing, and the fact that either of us could go today is sobering. Most of our good mornings include, “I’m glad you’re alive today!” or “I’m glad you woke up today!” Most of our goodbyes are “It’s been real, I love ya.” or “I hope I get to see you again.” Instead of ignoring this fact of life, we acknowledge it every day. It helps us appreciate the moments we do have. It helps us move past a fight or disagreement quickly. It helps us to let things go.

I have no idea how long I’ll get to spend with Bret. I don’t know my last day or his. But every day of our 3,064 married days and 3,940 known days, is filled with the awe and wonder that we got another day.

….and a little eye rolling from both of us….


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