Day 2976 – We Discovered The Secret To A Great Marriage Yesterday

First, let me give a shout out to Bret here. On Friday, he texted and asked what was on the agenda for the weekend. Turns out, he was looking into taking me to a book festival! He wasn’t sure if he should surprise me or tell me so I could look into it. He did tell me, and I’m glad he did. There were some great authors, but as it turns out, most of them had books I wanted to read, but hadn’t read yet. So with that fact and that it was in DC, and since it was supposed to rain all day, we opted to not go.

I then mentioned that there was a book store with a bar/coffee and we decided to check it out. We ended up not getting anything there, but wanted to walk around the little town. We passed a place that said it had waffles AND tacos! WHAT?!?! We were about to cross the street, but I said, hey, let’s take a little walk around the block. The little neighborhood we found ourselves was Hampden, MD. It’s a cute and quirky little town, and I wanted to explore a little. We had barely taken a few steps, when we were greeted with a sign that said check out over 200 Belgium beers. We did a QUICK turn, and made our way. Bret is a HUGE fan of Belgium beers, and friends, he was not disappointed. We found ourselves in an awesome bar, De Kleine Duivel. It had a very Twin Peaks/David Lynch vibe…funny enough, they have movie/TV show nights, and are having a Twin Peaks series finale party on Tuesday. Bret was met with a new favorite beer….which, the guy told him while pouring….was being discontinued. Poor Bret has an awful track record of finding beers he loves and then they are discontinued. Ah well, he has 199 more to try! ๐Ÿ˜€ We found out that the bar is bring your own food, because there are only drinks served here. I got myself a ginger beer and it was quite delicious. I love finding a place that has more non-alcoholic options than water and soda.

At this point, we decided to try out the other restaurant with the idea of coming back to the bar another day. We made our way to Golden West Cafe. We didn’t end up getting waffles, but I did get tacos. Before I attacked the taco….we were met with this.

Chile Cheese Fries – but we got the Tater Tots instead. It is covered with cheddar jack cheese, chile sauce, and salsa fresca. Friends. We destroyed this thing. So. Freakin. Fast. It was absolutely amazing. Honestly, it filled both of us up it was hard to eat our entrees. Bret got a hangover burger (with avocado and a fried egg), and he didn’t finish it! That’s unheard of. I could only eat one of my tacos. We were SO full.

When we arrived home, we were both just so happy and full and content. Bret said, man, I know the secret to a happy marriage – eating great food! And friends, it is so so true. So, just find yourselves a great restaurant, and find some happy marriage time. ๐Ÿ™‚


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