Day 2972 – How I Find New Books To Read – or – Which Cult Should I Join?

I love love love reading. If I go without regular reading time in my life, I become sad, discouraged, and just not filled. Reading brings me joy and makes me think. It gives me ideas. In a lot of ways, reading has changed my life, again and again. I read a lot too, I’m currently at 213 books for the year. Branching out my regular reading to children’s books has been, in some ways, a game changer. It has pushed me to want to read more “non-children’s” books to feel better about how many of my read list are “actual books.”

So how do I find books? What’s my method? How can you steal it?

– First is using Goodreads (this is a link to MY author page! I am still blown away that I have one.) I am connected to other readers, and I find lots of great books through them.

– I check my ever growing To Be Read list on Goodreads. (513 is the current count. Oy.)

– I follow Modern Mrs. Darcy who shares really great recommendations. Her guides and challenges are helpful in building my to be read list.

– I find book recommendations through other books I read. This alone is a rabbit hole! It is so helpful having a place to put them (can I say how much I love Goodreads?)

– I browse the new books at the library. This is probably my best source for great books. I have certain areas I always look (business and self-help type books), but having a small snapshot of all subjects pushes me to look at topics I might not normally read.

– I browse all of the stacks in the library. I love to wander around and grab books that catch my eye. I will typically look until the bag I’m carrying gets too heavy.

All of this lead me to read, Which Cult Should I Join – A Choose-Your-Own Guidebook for the Spiritually Bereft by Jo Stewart. Now, you might be thinking, why is a professing Christian reading this? I picked it up because I thought it looked interesting. I actually learned a lot in the process of reading it. So, while wildly hilarious, it was also informative.

What about you? How do you find new books to read?


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