Day 2961 – How We Learned Some Life Lessons From Almost Eating An Entire Tub Of Ice Cream

A few nights ago, I had a dream about an ice cream sundae. That day, I purposed to buy the supplies for an ice cream sundae….and I did. Man, being an adult is great. I bought a regular sized container of ice cream. We enjoyed it so much, it was gone in like two days. I thought, never fear, I’ll just get some more. Little did I know, I would be purchasing a big threat. A 4.5 quart threat. We had some when I got home from the store. We had some that evening. The next morning. We would eat together and separate. Every time, the other would get a look of shame. Every time, we would make jokes. But here’s one thing I noticed, it felt very, very, very close to home when thinking back to the look of shame I held the morning after a big binge drinking night. I had to put a stop to the jokes, because it brought back such sad memories.

So, we have this huge tub of ice cream, and by the next day, we have eaten way more than two people should have eaten. Seriously, this tub should last two people a month, or at least a week or two. In a stroke of very good and convicting luck, I was chowing down on this ice cream while watching a film theory video about Wall-E. Seeing the gluttony of the humans was really helpful in the next thing that happened.

I asked Bret a few times around this point – “Do we need to dump this down the drain?” It was finally decided, yes, we definitely need to. Before we could change our minds, I turned on the water into the tub of ice cream.

I realized in that moment that I don’t think I was ever the one to dump my alcohol down the drain. It was dumped for me the day after my DUI. It was dumped by Bret after I went crazy on brand new bottles. It was such a surreal thought as I was running the water and garbage disposal. It was a humbling moment, but it was also an encouraging moment. We realized we had a problem and we took care of it somewhat quickly.

Who knew so much could result from a tub of ice cream.


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