Day 2947 – Don’t Wait Until You Are Thirsty To Drink

As I’m making my way through Dream Big, Think Small by Jeff Manion, I read this today “Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink.” He was talking about a time he went for a run and didn’t drink any water for hours, which brought on a headache. I thought this was such great advice, one of those things I will hang on the wall.

It can apply to all areas of life, hence why I put this post under all of my categories. Here are a few suggestions of how I take a drink in different areas of my life.

Christianity – On my best days, I listen to a sermon and journal. I’m most successful when I pick a sermon the night before, journal already on my desk, and my work area clean. The days I set myself up for success, typically, I’m successful.

Marriage – We try to have a meaningful, purposeful conversation at least once a day. A time to turn around from the computer screens, phones left on the table, and just talk to each other. With Bret working from home during the last few weeks of his summer break, it’s been much easier to have these conversations.

Business – I think my biggest source of drinking in the area of business is using Asana to keep track of things. It really helps me to see where I am on my many projects, and is such a load off my mind, knowing that everything I’ve discussed with my clients, Bret, and all of my ideas, live in one spot. This is so much better than having a pile of things to do and not knowing what to do next.

Travel – I can’t travel all the time right now. I can’t just hop in the car and take a road trip. To keep myself hydrated in this area, I created a compilation video from our 2016 road trip. It has some of our great moments, and serves as a reminder of what I HAVE experienced.

Life – Recently meditating and yoga have really helped me take a drink. On my personal retreat, I came up with a few mantras about my life. It really helps to bring my mind back to center. And yoga really helps me remember to breathe and stay in tuned with life.

What about you, what do you do to keep yourself hydrated in life?


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