Day 2926 – A Week Of Less Social Media – How Is It Going?

It has been a little over a week of only checking social media twice a day, so, how’s it going? To be frank, it has been absolutely amazing. I have experienced more productivity in the last week than I have in ages. I know part of that is because of reading Deep Work*, but it is also a mental thing.

Here’s how I practically carry this out:
In the morning, before I log on to Facebook, I make a list of the things I need to do while I’m on there. From posting in my Facebook Group about planning a road trip, to checking On This Day, to posting on different accounts (ha ha, I have a lot). Once I finish that list, I log off. I don’t get back on until the afternoon, where I repeat the process. There have been a few exceptions to this, but they have been work related, and not “hmmmm, I wonder what’s going on…..did anyone post anything new?…..I’m bored….” I think just the act of making the list has started to train my brain – you don’t need this obsessive checking in your life. It’s ok. I will confess that yesterday was a little harder, and I checked a few more times. But that was mostly because I was exhausted and bored. lol, not a good combo for me!

I’ve found myself filling the time with reading. In the last week, I finished Deep Work, Keep Moving* by Dick Van Dyke (this is a FUN audiobook! I’m adding it to my recommends!), Matched (#1 in a YA dystopian novel), Jenny Colgan’s new book, and early this morning, Crossed (#2 in the YA dystopian novel series). I also knocked out a big project for Bret with pivotables and summaries. I truly feel like my mindset towards work has changed.

Have you cut out social or limited how much you get on?

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    • What’s really funny about cat videos is that part of my job IS to watch cat videos! Ha ha, I work for an animal photographer and we share funny posts on Fridays….so, I actually get paid to watch funny cat videos. Hee hee.

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