Day 2918 – What’s It Like For A Sober Jennilyn To Go Into A Liquor Store?

One question I get a lot is if Bret still drinks around me. He does, and I have no problem with that. I even will pick up his beer. I went to a local store that I’d never been in before yesterday. I ended up texting Bret most of the time I was there, trying to nail down which beer he wanted. I looked through one line of cases, which I thought was all of the cold options. When I got to the non-alcoholic drinks (sodas and the like), the guy working there said there were more of the type of beer I had, and craft beers down that way…..a whole BUNCH more. So it went from an ok store, to a pretty epic store pretty quickly.

So what’s it like for me to go into a liquor store now? Just like going into a regular store in most respects. I’m still texting Bret to make sure I get the right thing. I’m still buying something that he needs.

When I go into a liquor store, I find myself seeing different beverages, and thinking about when I got drunk on them. What happened in that moment. Oh, hey, there’s that Rita stuff from Bud…oh yea, I got WAYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSTEEEEED on those a LOT. It was a really interesting thought. Here I was, surrounded by the thing that took down so much of my life. Here were the liquids that brought so much, and so much heartache. Here, were things that didn’t have power over me anymore. Like any vice, it can be a good thing in moderation. A little disclaimer, my journey is my own. I don’t recommend a recovered/recovering/etc alcoholic going into a liquor store. I know myself, and I know my limits. DO NOT TAKE MY EXAMPLE AS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO!

I say repeatedly that all of my success is because of God’s work in my life. From opening my eyes to taking my sin seriously, to giving me strength to say no again and again. Yet, when was the last time I thought about this, or pointed to His continued work in my life? So I want to take an opportunity to give another shout out to the Big Guy. I have become accustom to this amazing change in me. It is my new normal. It is so much a part of me now. Sobriety. Clearheadedness. All, completely, totally, irrevocably, God’s work. If you want to read my full story, or at least a pretty good summation, check out my testimony.


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2 thoughts on “Day 2918 – What’s It Like For A Sober Jennilyn To Go Into A Liquor Store?

  1. Love love love this post! I, too, quit my beer habit and give all the credit to the Lord who answered my prayers and took away my taste for the golden beverage that held power over my life for too many years. My husband still drinks beer, although he has cut back somewhat, and I am known to pick up his open beer and sniff it. It holds no power over me any longer–praise God! Love your blog!

    • Oh my goodness, I sniff my husband’s beer too! Ha ha, I’m so glad I’m not the only sober wife who does this! There was a part of me that did appreciate the nuances of different beers, so I am interested in ones that he likes. Ha ha, it’s really funny, he started a “quest for the perfect beer” after I got sober. The good thing for him is I can drive him to the breweries so he can try a few! It’s also nice to hear of a similar experience! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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