Day 2825 – How Traffic Jams And Other Challenges Change Our Lives

Late last night, I finished reading A Fall of Marigolds* by Susan Meissner. It was a moving story, and I shed my share of tears. It was partly about 9/11, and partly about another tragedy. It made me think back to that day, and it made me think about how events in our lives impact things down the line. I found my journal entry about that day this morning. I was dating another guy at the time but, looking back, I don’t think, man, here’s someone I didn’t end up with, I see a step in my journey to Bret. This ex lived out of state, and we had a long distance relationship for a few years. Little did I know that relationship would help prepare me for the long distance relationship with Bret. The deaths of young friends I had to walk through, prepared me to truly say and believe “Bret will come back to me, or he will not.” I look back on the day we met, and remember the traffic jam that forced Bret to go through with meet me.

There are so many things that come across our path that are hard, that are wonderful, that will have an impact down the line. A traffic jam today, could lead you to the love of your life. A failed relationship could be the trial you need to walk through to give you strength for the better relationship later.

I’m reminded how important it is to keep a record of these things. I’m so thankful that 2001 Jennilyn wrote her thoughts and fears down. I had forgotten that I was fearful in the days and months after 9/11. How I was fearful of thunder. How a stalling plane frightened me. I tend to block a lot out of my brain. I just don’t keep a lot up there. Ha ha, there is so much going on up there already!

So I challenge you today to start/continue journaling. Give your future self a record of the path you’ve taken, so you can look back and connect the dots, and see how you were changed.

When was the last time you journaled?


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