Day 2816 – Letting Go Of The Past

Oh my goodness, what an emotional 24 hours! Yesterday, I finally made the decision to cancel my wedding photography business domain. I had no reason to keep it other than my email address, and a way to point people to my online photo galleries (which aren’t going anywhere!) It was costing me money each year, and that amount wasn’t worth keeping. Before I initiated the cancellation, I went through all of my weddings, and put details about each couple in their online gallery. That way, if someone Googles, cool person A and cool person B’s wedding photos, they’ll find them. It was such a sweet journey seeing all of the amazing people I’ve photographed over the years. Being a wedding photographer was such an awesome time in my life. Oh sure, it was hard work, and I cried many tears (not just the happy tears at the wedding), but as a whole, it was a great time in my life.

Then I thought it would be a great idea to start going through some of our stuff. We’re moving to a new apartment in a week or so, and have hopes of minimizing even more. I started in the closet, pulling a few things I didn’t wear anymore, a few things that could be thrown away, or recycled. Then I tackled a box I never tackle. It’s one of those things that just follows me wherever I go. It is a box of letters and cards. There were cards from my 14th birthday in there! That’s over 20 years ago! Ha, it’s boxes like this that reveal I’m not quite as minimal as I’d like. We are using this move as a chance to really evaluate what we do have and making sure we need what we have. I did small things like take Bret’s associate’s degree out of the envelope, put it in the holder, and recycle the envelope….I mean, why didn’t I do that before?

I also tackled another box I just take from place to place….the computer box. There were instruction manuals and CDs from things I don’t even own anymore! It was quite the freeing feeling parring that down too!

Funniest thing I found in my travels? This printer test page….


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