Day 2756 – Why You Must Read – or – How Reading Has Changed My Life – or – There Are No Excuses

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I talk about books. A lot. Many times in my life, when I am in a particularly down state, I’m probably not reading much or at all. There is something in reading that feeds my soul. Reading brings me to life. If you doubt this at all, ask me for a book recommendation, especially in “real life.” My eyes will sparkle, I will talk much with my hands, and I will scroll through my Goodreads shelves to find a book that is perfectly fitting for you and what you need. You can also gauge my internal state by how many books are stacked on my to be read shelf from the library (below is my current stash). As I’m reading and rereading children’s books, I am reminded of that newly awoken joy of reading as a child. So many sources say you should have play and joy in your life – books are a fantastic source for this. If you are discouraged, there is a book that can give you encouragement – even if it is only to know there is someone out there who understands you. If you need to imagine a better world, there is a myriad of worlds out there. I truly believe this world would be a much better place if there were more readers.

How has reading changed my life? Books help me to see the other side of things. To look at a situation from another person’s view and see their logic. They help me dream of a life that is totally different than my own. They allow me to simply dream. There was one book in particular that completely changed my life, The 4-Hour Workweek (* Affliate link) by Timothy Ferriss. I still remember reading the book on a previous bride’s couch while we were housesitting and just knowing it was a major shift. The biggest thing that I realized at the time was that even though I was working full-time in my photography business, investing more money into marketing and advertising, my bottom line was the same. I immediately decided to stop spending so much on advertising and marketing. But it also made me start to seriously consider if photography was still where I should be spending my time. It would be another few months before the decision was made to not take on any more clients and less than one year before I would photograph my last wedding. But it made me think about work and dreams in completely new ways. If there were so many people living amazing lives, making money, and enjoying their lives, what was stopping me? All of that, just from a book. I just picked up Timothy Ferriss’ newest book, Tools Of The Titans and I can’t wait to see how it changes my life!

There are so little valid excuses for us to not read, especially if you’ve living in the United States. The amount of libraries and what they offer now is staggering. You can access physical books, ebooks, physical audiobooks, digital audiobooks, play aways – which are audiobooks in a device already, all you need are a pair of headphones. There is a way to read for most types of readers. If you struggle with reading a physical book, I challenge you to an audiobook. In some ways, those can be better than reading the book yourself.

I hope that you take a step today towards more reading. I hope you find the joy and wonder I find in books.

Since I’m always looking, what’s your favorite book?



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3 thoughts on “Day 2756 – Why You Must Read – or – How Reading Has Changed My Life – or – There Are No Excuses

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