Day 2743 – Repost From Three Years Ago – The Most Magical Moment At Disneyland

I reread this post while sitting in my car and just let the tears flow. I think we should all take more time to appreciate this beautiful moments in our day. 🙂

Originally posted 1/13/14

For this story, I need to start about 15 years ago.

When I was 16 and my brother was 14, our grandparents took us to Hawaii. We had amazing adventures and saw great things. It was a wonderful trip and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to go. One of the highlights for me (don’t laugh!) was the pineapple whip at the Dole plantation. It is really just this frozen yogurt/pineapple thing….but the taste is amazing. I really cannot put it into words, but hopefully the fact that I still remember how amazing it was after 15 years is description enough.

This March, you may remember, my grand father passed away.

While I was in California, I went to Disneyland!!! It was an AMAZING day! I felt like a kid again and have a whole lot of pictures and stories about that! But this story is the most important and deserves its own post.

At some point during the day, my friend mentioned that she HAD to stop at this pineapple place for a pineapple whip. I gave her a “mouth open/shut up/are you freakin’ serious” look. I then explained about the experience in Hawaii and that it MIGHT just be the same thing!

In the evening, we finally got in line for this potentially SAME thing! While waiting in the 20 minute (or more) line, I told my friend about how my grandfather had passed away in the spring.

We got up to the counter, ordered and stepped out of line. I was a little nervous to try it, because it had been built up in my mind for 15 years.

I took a bite. It was the same.

I closed my eyes to really focus on the taste.

As soon as I did, I was transported back to Hawaii. I felt the spray of ocean air. I smelled the smells of the pineapple plantation. I felt the hot sun. I remembered my grandfather.

I opened my eyes, full of tears. My friend asked if I was crying (I want to insert here that I teared up a LOT during the day from sheer joy….so she wasn’t surprised or worried about that). I said that I was and to give me just a moment to explain why. I knew if I explained why at that moment, I would burst into loud sobs.

So we walked to the next ride and I enjoyed the whip. Remembering my trip to Hawaii, remembering my grandfather, and remembering that even a 31 year old can have a magical moment at the happiest place on earth.



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