Day 2739 – When It’s Worth Spending A Little Bit More For Quality – or – I Have A Reading Problem

As I go through life, my mindset about spending money has changed. There are times when I don’t want to spend $25 for a t-shirt, but then I realize how long I wear my shirts and if I figured out the daily cost, it’s so minuscule. Seriously, I wear my shirts at least 10 years, you should see the holes…

I ended up at the library today and found a few books on my “to be read list.” I had a reusable bag I purchased from Five Below or was gifted, I can’t remember. Not the best quality bag, but I’ve used it pretty extensively. I kept piling in children’s book after children’s book. Then I heard a snap as one of the straps broke. I past a kid who saw my bag and said “I want one mommy!” I thought, you can have it kid! As I made my way through the library and added even more books, the other side snapped. It made me wish I brought one of my canvas reusable bags. It also made me think I am totally ok with purchasing another canvas bag for my library books.

What products are worth spending a little money to you?




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