Day 2705 – An Exciting Announcement And A Request For Help!

I’ve been hinting towards something we’re planning on doing for a little while. I can tell you part of that plan today! Bret and I are starting a YouTube Channel! Stay tuned for our first video!

What will our videos focus on? We want to spend some time talking about traveling. One video I hope to make before Christmas will focus on how we travel to California for 7-10ish days each year with one carry-on each. Another video will show you how we make our bed for sleeping on the floor. We’ll probably do some videos about our most recent road trip and share a few videos we took.

What else? That’s where we need some help! If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know a bit about us. What kinds of things would you like to learn more about? Are you interested in a tour of our apartment and ways we minimize? Do you want to see how I make some of our meals? You know we’re pretty open about things here on the blog, so go ahead and suggest something you think we might not do! 🙂

I can’t wait to share our videos with y’all!!


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