Day 2703 – Listen To Your Past Self

One thing I try to do regularly is journal. I’ll listen to sermons and jot down some notes. Sometimes I’ll write a little more if something is pressing on my heart. My journals are a conversation with God, talking like I would to my best friends. I’m nearing the end of my current journal and was searching for an empty journal. I found a book I received while rocking out at Cornerstone (a huge Christian Rock festival) 10 years ago. Sometimes I write notes to myself in books and this book was no different. Here’s what I wrote on 7/8/06

“This theme of being who you are meant to be has been haunting me for months. Maybe a year. This week though, it is evident in everything I do. It screams at me through the songs, the speakers, even the lines on the other side of this page. Every part of my being is aching to deepen this journey. To seek and find all that I truly am in Christ. I am excited, elated. I want to scream it from the rooftops. Yet, I feel the battle beginning to rage. The evil of this world already fights against me. As it always does when someone strives to be who they are in Christ. To let go of what the world and even Christians around them tell them to be. It is ok to be you. If you are keeping Christ as your central theme. Christ’s personality is so vast yet so precise. There is room for all of our personalities there. How glorious, how wonderful, it is ok to be you.

I must write this book. People need to know.”

I’m not sure what my theme of that book was. I’m not sure if it was even remotely about business since I had been photographing weddings for less than two years. But the desire to write a book has been in my soul for a long time. I can’t believe that I am so very close to putting my devotional on Amazon. I can’t believe in a short amount of time, I will be able to say – “Hello, my name is Jennilyn, I am an author.” I should have listened to past Jennilyn much sooner. I can only hope that this book will help more Christian business owners trust God more in their businesses and life.

For laughs, here’s me driving to the festival and goofing off. Somethings never change. 🙂



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