Day 2692 – Week Of Marriage Thankfulness

Today I’m thankful for a husband who pushes me to do things I don’t feel like doing at the time.

We had just walked 3 miles in the heat to the Delicate Arch and were doing a little drive through other parts of the park. We saw the Double Arch and Bret wanted to walk up. It was only a 1/4 mile. Seriously, not that big of a deal. But I was soooooo drained from the hike that I just didn’t want to go. He encouraged me to go, so I did. I ended up sitting in the shade of the arches while he explored. On the way back to the car, we took the photo below. It is my current favorite picture of us, not only because we’re acting ridiculous (like we normally do) but it is a reminder that Bret knows me really well and knows when it’s good to push me to do more.

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