Day 2689 – Week Of Marriage Thankfulness

I wanted to take this week to share one thing I’m thankful for in my marriage every day.

Today, I am thankful for a husband who loves to travel with me!


11 thoughts on “Day 2689 – Week Of Marriage Thankfulness

      • Yay! Driving or flying? It’s absolutely beautiful!! If you’re going out that way, Utah is my absolute favorite state (and we’ve visited 37 of them!) Arches National Park and Zion National Park are just amazing! We did a pretty big road trip last summer, so if you have any questions, let me know! lol, I love talking about road trips and travel. 🙂

      • I will definitely let you know about questions I have! I’m not sure yet, we literally just talked about it for the first time yesterday, but i think driving bc we will be in North Dakota at that time. and driving seems like more fun! You guys really get around, huh?! Lol did you ever stay in a cabin or did you camp?

      • Great! Ha ha, that’s too funny. Driving is SO much fun! Do a quick search on my blog, you’ll see a TON about road tripping this country! We started because it was cheaper to drive out to visit family in California from Maryland and we had the time to drive. I miss being able to do that for Christmas! Now we use our Southwest miles for as much of the tickets as we can get! We mostly took turns sleeping in the car. We’ve stopped at truck stops and big gas stations to sleep in the car. We’ll also splurge on one or two hotels. We’ve never camped while doing the cross country drive but we have gotten a cabin. Got a cute little guy at a Montana KOA. Keep me posted!

      • Omg that sounds like so much fun! We have done one road trip together, but we want more! Will def be searching your blog as a resource lol :)) btw Montana is on our list too so that’s perfect. Sounds like I will become well acquainted with your blog! Thank you –Jess

      • It is SO much fun!!! You’ll find lots of posts about road trips on the blog! I’m also writing a book about planning a road trip so keep an eye out for that! The cross country trips are the best! I hope it works out that you guys can go!

      • It will be my second (hopefully!) I’m in the editing/review stage of my first book (a devotional about being a Christian business owner) now! I hope that have that for sale soon! I’ll definitely keep you posted on the road trip book! 🙂

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