Day 2672 – Why Aren’t You Shopping At Aldi??

I came across this article about visiting Aldi for the first time and thought I’d take a few minutes to talk about them!

Bret and I are BIG fans of Aldi. I find it interesting that it still has a stigma when I tell people we shop there. I wanted to share a few reasons why we think this amazing place! We average about $50-80 a week for both of us to eat. And we eat pretty healthy – quinoa, veggie, salmon mix for most meals, veggies and hummus, cereal, boiled eggs, sandwiches, nuts, etc. Their food is made pretty cleanly too. I love picking up an item and seeing like 2 ingredients.

One thing you sometimes need to keep an eye on is the produce. The only problem is it goes bad faster than other stores. I have found their organic produce has always been spot on. AND they have a double guarantee, so if you need to return something you get a refund AND a replacement.

Another benefit is not having to clip coupons.

In my mind, I’m a master couponer, finding amazing deals and saving us thousands of dollars a year. In reality, I’ll clip about 10 coupons every few months and maybe use one of them. I will look for deals and coupons when I need something, but in practice, I really suck at couponing. Here’s where Aldi saves the day, every time. I don’t need to look for coupons, the prices are consistently SO low.

The main downside is I can’t get everything I need there. So I either go without or go somewhere else. Thankfully, we have a lot of great grocery stores nearby to fill the gaps.

So give Aldi a chance friend!

Have you shopped at Aldi? Did you love it or hate it?

Fun fact, these are from Aldi!


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