Day 2596 – Splurging On Post It Notes And Actually Printing Your Photos

I absolutely adore office supplies. Back to school is a very dangerous time for me. All of those supplies on sale and some things for a penny! Ah! I have to avoid the stores sometimes.

Yesterday, I realized I only had one color in my 3×3 post it note supply. My friends, this is no good. I’ve come to realize that it does make a difference in the type and color of your post it notes. I’ve gotten generic and budget friendly post it notes (and other office supplies too) and they just fail me. They tend to be flimsy and don’t stick.

I have no shame in admitting I spent a good 10 minutes looking at post it notes. I contemplated deep questions like – “will these colors make me happy?” “Will I work harder with these colors?”

I ended up with these 5 beautiful colors. šŸ™‚


Another thing I did recently, was actually print a photo from our trip. Yes, that’s right, I printed a photo less than a month after it was taken! I love being able to look up from my desk and see it. Dudes, this sucker is a foot by 4 feet!


2 thoughts on “Day 2596 – Splurging On Post It Notes And Actually Printing Your Photos

  1. I’m a fan of post it notes too. What on earth did we do before they were invented! Printing photos seems like a by-gone activity but one that I miss. My kids will never know the feeling of picking up a pack of newly developed photos from the store and opening it, hoping that a few turned out great!

    • I have no idea! I am even more amazed at all of the fun new post it note things, such as pads in shapes, HUGE post it notes and lined post it notes. (lol, it wasn’t a lie that I spent 10 minutes looking at all of the types!) Ahhhh, I miss that feeling of picking up a roll of film too. There doesn’t seem to be anything like it today. šŸ˜¦

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