Day 2594 – The Last Hurrah Of Summer! or The BEST All You Can Eat Crab House In Ocean City Maryland

Today Bret starts back to work, so we decided to squeeze in one last trip yesterday. Since we’ve been home from our road trip, we haven’t gone out to eat….at all. We were discussing how we haven’t had steamed crabs at all this year and Bret said he really wanted me to at least have some. I did some searching around us but the best all you can eat crab place is On The Bay Seafood on 42nd street in Ocean City, Maryland. We also still have our National Parks pass, which means we can get into Assateague Island. We also LOVE getting up early to watch the sunrise at the beach.

We left our place around 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning. Living where we do now, we’re only 2 and a half hours from the beach. As we were driving down, there was a little bit of rain and I started to worry we were making a really long drive and would get a disappointing sunrise. Thankfully, that was not the case. The sunrise was utterly amazing. I would say in my top ten for looks.


We got to watch the sunrise with some ponies too!


Now, unfortunately, we were absolutely attacked by black flies. I think we were only on the beach for about 5-10 minutes. We walked out, grabbed a few pictures, walked and scratched, grabbed a pony sunrise shot, walked and scratched and left. Horrible. lol, I will NEVER forget bugspray at this beach again! It is not an exaggeration that we probably had several hundred bites between us. Bret counted 20 on ONE of my feet. ::shudder::

So we drove on and hoped to find another spot. Thankfully, we found a parking lot and got to watch it rise over a bay. No black flies here. Ahhh.





After the sunrise, we drove to Ocean City for breakfast. We ended up at a Dunkin (surprise, surprise) on the boardwalk. After about an hour, we decided to check out Berlin (where Runaway Bride was filmed). We found a parking lot in the shade and spent a few hours reading and relaxing.

Afterwards, we drove back to OC to our FAVORITE all you can eat crab place. Seriously, we love going here! Such great presentation on our first tray!


I don’t know of another place that offers this, but On The Bay Seafood has outdoor seating and the floor is filled with sand. I can eat crabs, have my bare feet in the sand and listen to Jimmy Buffett and The Beach Boys? Be still my heart. Oh and the crabs are absolutely amazing.


Before we left to come home, Bret took a minute to talk to the owner/manager. He thanked her for such a great experience and restaurant. He said we come to Ocean City for two reasons, to watch the sunrise and come here. At this point, she gave HIM a gift (see below)!

What a great day!



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