Day 2573 – Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

Let me say from the outset, I have been SO excited for this day! One of the things I do for my “day jobs” is a little social media. I found a few websites that list fun “days.” Two months ago, I was going through the upcoming months to help plan. What did I find? Oh yes, take your houseplant for a walk day! So I did.

I started by taking them on a walk to Bret’s head. This is Spike.

And this is Stumpy.

They did devotions with me.

I let them play outside for a while.

I’m also a multi-tasker….so my little guys went on my run this morning. Thankfully today was an interval day, so I was able to pause and not throw off my pace.

Don’t worry, I clean up after my plants.

I showed them my favorite place in the neighborhood.

They took a quick break…I mean, they are REALLY out of shape!

I gave them some inspiration.

I let them play.

Then I let them climb. Stumpy is a little afraid of heights, not my Spike though!

They really liked this spot, they complained when I picked them up. :/

They got to see some wildlife.

They liked hanging out in this tree.

They gave me some big hugs for the trip.

Poor guys are all tuckered out now.

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