Day 2570 – Finally Getting Things Done

For about a year, I’ve been meaning to do a few things. Since I stopped photographing weddings, I wasn’t maintaining my Facebook page. I created new pages for new ventures (a new website, a new Facebook page, etc.) but they all were pretty much placeholders. I ended up going on lots of adventures, worked new jobs and just put them on the back burner.

This week, I feel like I finally caught up on a few things. I felt fully “back” after vacation, I typed up my notes from Essentialism and created my personal essential categories in life. I have been doing so many things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I’ve almost completely transitioned my to do list into Asana and off of my iCloud calendar. Now, that’s just for events. Ahhh, just the sense of relief at getting these things done is amazing.

Well, today, I finally updated my blog header, description, avatar and Facebook page to reflect the new direction of the blog. I say new, but it’s been here for about a year. I even put up a post on my photography business page.

So here we are, updated blog and in some ways, updated life.

As I created the new header, I was reminded that I am in no way a graphic designer, but I love that Jenny Lake is my header. 🙂


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