Day 2561 – Road Trip Part 6 – Leaving California to Arizona to Zion National Park

We left California very early in the morning on Wednesday of last week. The first interesting thing happened in Nevada. We stopped for gas and a driver switch. I saw this tree in the parking lot and it was just so serene. It looked like a tree frozen in winter, but the air was warm with a breeze. I wanted to take a picture to remember this moment. Because I was tired and it was on the driver’s side, I asked Bret to take the picture. I said, don’t go all “photographer” on this picture, just a quick one and let’s go. Well, needless to say, Bret took a number of pictures and I wasn’t satisfied, so I leaned over and took it myself. The photographer side is hard to quit, apparently.

Next, we briefly drove through Arizona, a beautiful little drive!

Can I just say, our little Devil’s Advocate was the sweetest and happiest car. I mean, look at this face!

We arrived at Zion National Park late morning. When we arrived, we were told the parking lot was full at the visitor center. Not to be deterred, I checked anyway. There appeared to be people leaving, so I figured, why not. Well, I found a spot! We made our way to the visitor center and then onto the shuttle. I want to say right now that this was my favorite stop on the way back. A beautiful park and you could see SO much riding the shuttle and taking mini hikes to different spots. I want to go back and do some of the more extensive hikes.

The first mini hike we did was to the Weeping Rock. We got a little “rained on” up here too. Fun little hike with beautiful views.

I believe this was from the shuttle, ha ha, it was all so beautiful and I just kept taking pictures the whole time. 🙂

This was the last stop we made on the shuttle, to say this was a hike or even a short hike is a disservice to hikes. It was a very short walk up a hill but the views were great!

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