Day 2489 – How We Spent Teacher Appreciation Day

Bret loves being a teacher. So days like yesterday are just a super big cherry on top.

First, Bret got the most adorable cookie (the mascot of the school is a hedgehog).


Then we realized that there were two places offering teacher deals within very close proximity to each other and not too far from us.

Funny story – we started at World of Beer where they were offering a free cider or Sam Adams….but Bret ended up like a kid in a candy story with the VAST amount of beers that he got a tasting flight and tried another beer. Didn’t even ask about the freebies. I lucked out and got amazing shrimp tacos for Taco Tuesday. Nom nom nom.


Next we went to the Green Turtle, who were offering a free meal (up to $12) for teachers. So what did Bret do? He got a TRIPLE cheeseburger!


Thank you to the businesses that offered deals and freebies to teachers!

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