Day 2462 – Common Conversations In The Gaitan Household

We are anything but normal. We also crack each other up a lot. A ton of our conversations never see the light of day because they’re too ridiculous. But here’s a little look behind the curtain.

Jennilyn – “You’re my favorite person.”
Bret – “I know.”
Jennilyn – “How did you figure it out?”
Bret – “You marrying me was a good indicator.”


Bret – “Crap! Where’s my ring?
Bret – ….
Bret – “Oh, nevermind, it’s in my belly button.”


Jen – “Where do you want to go tonight?”
Bret – “We’re going somewhere tonight?”
Jen – ::stare….more than likely with angry eyes::
Bret – “Wait, did I agree to that?”
Jen – ::face palm:: – “Lord, thank you that I didn’t murder my husband today.”
Bret – “Father, thank you that my wife didn’t murder me today.”


Jennilyn (reading questions out of a conversation starter book) – “‘What is one thing that is lost that you wish you could get back?'”
Bret – “I can’t really think of anything.”
Jennilyn – “I guess my hard drive that had pictures of us when we started dating.”
Bret – “Hmmmm, I still can’t think of anything. Maybe that ring my dad gave me.”
Both – ::moment of realization::
Jennilyn – “Uhhhh, what about your wedding ring?!?!”
Bret – “How did NEITHER of us think of that right away?”


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