Day 2446 – Would We Come Out Of Retirement?

One question we’re asked a lot is – will you come out of retirement for XYZ? Actually, we’re more asked “do you miss it?” ALL the time.

In answer to the second – yes and no. We made amazing friendships, had great experiences AND got to capture so many Day 1’s in people’s lives. There wasn’t much like the joy after a wedding when we would just laugh at how awesome it was. I don’t miss the stress though! Oh man, it can be stressful! Between the weather, our schedules and our health, just to name a few. Oy.

A few days back, a friend asked if we would consider coming out of retirement. I said probably not. The biggest factor is the gear. I have sold every bit of our gear from our camera bags to our light stands to almost all of our rechargeable AA’s…and the cameras ans lenses of course. I was curious, so I just did the math on how much it would cost to rent what we’d need to photograph a wedding.

Since we don’t have ANYTHING left, we’d have to rent it all, from cards to lightstands to backpacks. Just the rental costs for three days is well over $1000. Adding in our time (photographing, editing and doing administrative work), the total package would be nearly $3000. And that’s not including any products.

So! If you want us to come out of retirement, you’re looking at at least $3000. Now you know! 🙂

But I mean, don’t you want us photographing your wedding?








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