Day 2403 – Big Shout Out To MADD

Saturday night, Bret went with some friends to watch a fight. It was about 2 hours away, so that meant I had about 8-10 hours at home alone. I spent the evening playing video games, but also reading and finishing Still Alice. I have to say, it was a fantastic book. I watched the movie yesterday and I was pretty happy with how well it stuck to the book.

As I was siting there reading, I remembered that I had some left over fake wine from the snowstorm. It’s a wine made by MADD. I’ve had almost all of the varieties of virgin drinks that they make and I’m very happy with all of them! The Rouge wine is THE best virgin wine I’ve found! Most of them just taste like grape juice, this reminds me of a glass of wine. As someone who will never drink again, but also misses a glass of wine, this is a fantastic product! Their virgin margaritas are simply heavenly! So thank you MADD for filling this need. 🙂


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