Day 2302 – Walking A Day In My Husband’s Clothes

So we had a funny little idea about me dressing up like Bret does for work. His co-workers and the students give him a hard time about wearing the same thing every day, so we thought it was a perfect idea. I added in the nylon for his bald head and Bret drew on my beard. The kids kept taking double takes, it was SO funny.

Here’s a few things I learned:
– Bret’s pants and shirts are huge on me.
– I was able to go to the library in the morning and since I was “Bret” this morning and “Jennilyn” now, I don’t think I got too many “oh….that girl has been in the library ALL day” looks.
– It felt good to “shave.”
– Kids are funny.
– I love jeans and fun t-shirts WAY too much to have a formal job again. Back in my “Size Matters Not” Yoda shirt. Ahhhhhhh.

Any good couple costumes ideas for next year?


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