Day 2257 – Learning To Take My Own Advice

I’ve learned a lot over the last year. A LOT! I’ve grown in so many areas of my life. One of the things I’ve been “preaching” is resting. You have to give yourself time off and you have to realize the work will wait. I really thought I had learned this lesson. I really thought that I was good at “clocking out” of work.

Yea, still haven’t totally learned this lesson. This has been very clear over the last week when several things forced me to slow down. First, I dropped a knife on my toe. The next day I was taken over by a terrible cold. It’s a week later and I’m still fighting it.

Yesterday, I was in full work mode, I had taken some medicine in the morning and after a big coughing fit, took some cough medicine. I felt pretty normal (at least sick level normal) for about an hour. After I returned from a quick errand, I realized I was feeling a little funny. Come to find out the cough medicine had the same ingredients as the other medicine. I was physically unable to work. My body very loudly and clearly said, yo, STOP.

So, I spent the rest of my day listening to my body and continued reading a very eye opening book into sickness. It’s about a woman who has Huntington’s Disease and where her journey takes her. It was definitely humbling to think I really don’t have it that bad. It’s just a cold.

It was also humbling to realize, I really can’t do it all.

How are you at resting?



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