Day 2248 – Shaving Cream And Apple Pie

Today, I randomly read the back of the shaving cream in our bathroom. And I quote:
1. Wash face with warm water.
2. Shake can and hold upright.
3. Press top to release lather.

Shaving Tips:
– Use gentle strokes with a sharp razor to avoid irritation.
– Rinse the blade often during shaving.

I read this with an air of pride and thought, who doesn’t know how to do this? Can I challenge you to think about how many times you ask this on a daily basis of others? Lord knows I would not want to blog honestly about that! Oy!

Here’s the truth of the matter. Everyone who has ever shaved had to read those instructions for the first time. At some point, it wasn’t known knowledge to you.

I think we can also forget to take things down to the basics.

The sermon in church today was on the gospel and how powerful it is. How often we overlook the power in the simple message:
God created everything, including man. Man sinned. God can’t be around sin. So God made a way – He sent His Son, Jesus, to earth. Jesus lived a perfect life. He died a perfect death. He took on ALL of our sins and paid the penalty in that death. He then rose from the dead, defeating death. He ascended to heaven and He waits for those who believe in Him.

Friends, don’t forget the simple. Don’t look down on those who don’t know everything you know. We all start somewhere.

I made an apple pie for the first time yesterday. Hey, we all start somewhere.


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