Day 2243 – Just Jump

A month ago today, I was jumping out of an airplane. I wish that’s what I was doing today, for no bad reason like “oh my gosh, work is driving me crazy, I want to jump out of a plane!” But in a “THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED! (10 points to the one who knows the reference), I want to do it again! kinda way.

That was going to be the extent of my post today. I want to jump out of an airplane. But after I typed the title, I changed my mind.

Just jump. It’s great advice. There are lots of times when it’s just time to do something. Just. Jump. I think a lot of times we wait to do things because we want the perfect situation and scenario. I will write my book when I’m able to have 30 minutes a day to write by the pool. I will quit my job when I have 10 clients lined up with my side business. I will ask her to marry me when I get the promotion. Here’s the thing, you’re never going to have the perfect scenario. Here’s the other thing, there are multiple outcomes that can happen. When I was mentally preparing to jump out of the plane, I knew there were only two outcomes – I would jump and it would be awesome and I would be fine or I would jump and die/hurt myself. It was incredibly freeing. I think if we could get over the “what if I fail/they say no/whatever you’re afraid of” side of things, we could just jump.

So what about you? Why aren’t you “jumping out of the plane?”



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