Day 2160 – Update On Living Light – or – We’re Still Sleeping On The Floor

We’ve been in our new apartment about a month a half and sleeping on the floor has been fantastic. I find that we are getting some of the best sleep we’ve ever gotten. Even when we had to get up early after we stayed up playing video games….still not that as tired. It’s crazy how refreshing it is. I also haven’t struggled with getting out of bed (as much). I still snooze, but I’m out of bed with a few minutes to spend with Bret.


I realized that I didn’t share our closet on a previous post. Just yesterday Bret said, wow, you have as many clothes as I have! But I showed him how I have a whole drawer of PJs and he calmed down….note – one of those BIG drawers. 🙂




The biggest thing I’ve found living this way is that it’s easy to keep everything clean….and I actually WANT to clean. Weird.

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