Day 2158 – National Best Friend Day – What Makes A Best Friend And Who Is Mine?

Today is apparently National Best Friend Day. I’m glad Facebook tells me what’s going on each day, otherwise I’d be lost for the hot topics. 😉

So what makes a best friend? Here’s what I think.

– Someone who lets you be yourself. Totally and completely.
– Someone who you can trust more than any other.
– Someone who builds you up when you need it.
– Someone who also won’t let you get away with stuff and will knock you down (in a good way) when you need it.
– Someone who will hold you when you cry.
– Someone who you can do goofy/stupid things with but still have a blast.
– Someone you can call at any point.
– And most importantly, someone who points you back to God always.

It won’t come as any surprise that Bret is my best friend. I always said I wanted to marry my best friend, but in so many ways, I didn’t realize how much I needed that. I am just in awe that God would give me someone like Bret as my best friend.

How does Bret fit this BFF bill?
– He lets me be myself. Totally. He’s even learned some of my weird quirks. Just the other day, he asked if it was ok for him to stir the beef and mashed potatoes we were sharing. He laughs when I make squirrel noises and has started to make them himself. We’ve had conversations. Don’t judge.
– I have never doubted that I can share anything with Bret and he won’t share it with anyone else, unless it’s for my own good.
– I’ll never forget a particularly dark moment in my business where I just wanted to give up…again. He took my hand and walked me to a board we put up with our couples pictures and the phrase – “forever in our hearts.” And reminded me of those I had already blessed.
– My husband has helped me become a person worlds better than I ever imagined over the last 6 years. My physical health and my spiritual health have never been better. It wouldn’t be without his probing questions. “How many drinks did you have?” “Did you do your devotions today?” “Did you pray about it?”
– I cannot tell you how many shirts have been used as snot rags.
– We have done some really stupid things together. See squirrel noises above.
– Well, I can call him at any point, but he’s bad at answering his phone….so it’s a good thing I live with him.
– This last one has increased especially over the last year. Bret has grown to love God’s word and God so much more and it has been SO helpful in our discussions about life.

So who is your best best friend?


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