Day 2080 – What I’m Reading Right Now

I love having a ton of books to read at a time. One little “productivity tip” I’ve found helpful for me is to have 1-2 books that are non-fiction/work books and then a fun book, read a chapter in each and then repeat that for as many books as I have. Here’s my current list!

What Motivates Me: Put Your Passions to Work – Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton – I’m only a chapter in, but I love the topic so far. It talks about what gets you really jazzed about work. So good.

Unlocking Potential – Michael Simpson – This is a great book on coaching and has been making my heart sing so far! I’ve realized recently I have coaching tendencies that I never verbalized before. Boy do I love helping people!

Insurgent – Veronica Roth – This is one of my fun books. I like to reread some books before I see the movie and young adult trilogies are at the top of that list.

Reading Like A Writer – Francine Prose – This has been a really helpful book so far. It’s been great to “get permission” to read more. 🙂

Remote: Office Note Required – Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson – I love the guys over at Basecamp! This is a great read, much like Rework. I love the simplicity of reading and “duh” moments I get from their books. This one has been great for learning about working remotely as our society moves more and more towards that.

Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype – Jay Baer – I randomly heard a webinar by Jay and was just blown away by what he had to say. Basically, his message is that by giving away a ton of information and being helpful without expecting something in return, you are actually becoming more desirable as a business. Love his message!

What about you, what’s in your current stack of books?

p.s. I’ve already added a few more to this stack! Heh heh…


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About 365 days of marriage

I started this blog in April of 2011. At the time, Bret and I were wedding photographers and it was a way to share how marriage is more about the day to day and so much more than the wedding day itself. For about 5 years, I blogged about the joys and sorrows of the Christian walk, marriage, work, family and friends. I’ve blogged every day since a few weeks after I started. In May of 2015, we photographed our last wedding. Now, I have become passionate about simplicity, particularly in marriage, Christianity, business, travel and life. For a number of reasons, we have become minimalists. I’ve found that having simplicity makes life so much deeper, refreshing and joyful. I hope that this blog will help others see the benefits of living simply.

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