Day 2048 – I Am Not Superwoman….I’m Batman

Yesterday was tough my friends. Really tough. I am so independent and have such a problem with control and pride. Being forced to stay in bed all day and night was so hard. But it reminded me of purposeful thankfulness – which I think is basically getting really, really specific with your thankfulness. Being thankful for your eyes to see, gas in your car, a job to pay for gas in the car, a roof over your head, etc.. Being stuck in bed for about 36 hours made me thankful for a few things…

– That most of the time I am able to walk with ease.
– That I have running water and live in a home with multiple bathrooms (this was probably one that my family was more thankful for yesterday…)
– That God is gracious and merciful and allows me to have full mobility most of the time.
– That it’s not the end of the world if I can’t work a day.
– That I have someone who loves me so much he’ll spend some of his snow day taking care of me.
– That if nothing else, I’m Batman. 🙂


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