Day 1970 – “I Will Sing To The Lord, Because He Has Dealt Bountifully With Me”

I think I’ve gotten a little “expectant” with God’s blessings recently and He graciously reminded me of this last night. God has given us SO much and kept us in a wonderful season of blessings! Just yesterday, I was freaking out a bit about cash flow. Most of what we purchase is done on our credit card (to rack up rewards!), but there are a few things that have to come out as cash or check. I had been worrying about having enough cash to do these things…and wouldn’t you know it…when I finally sat down to do the transactions, I had $10 to spare! It was another gentle reminder from God that He’s got this. It made me think about some other wonderful blessings He’s given us recently.

First, we are still out of debt. There have been a few tighter months where the balance stayed on the credit card for a week or two longer than I’d like, but no late fees. I know I blogged that we paid off $30,000 in the first 3.5 years of our marriage…But what I didn’t say was that before I met Bret, I might have been up to $50,000-60,000! That’s a lot of money to pay off…..and to have spent. Shesh. It boggles my mind that it’s finally gone. There is nothing like that feeling of paying it off. (Side note: we were not making a lot of money during this time. We made a lot of sacrifices to do this….if you want some tips, comment below and I’ll write them up in another blog post!)

Second, we got a total surprise bonus pay and it was nearly enough to pay for our flights to visit Bret’s family. California at Christmas is not the cheapest destination….by a long shot.

Third, we are in a place of being able to start investing in our retirement and an emergency fund.

Fourth, I have a new client that is a consistent, monthly guaranteed income. I mean, what???

I say these things not to say, hey, look at how great our situation is. But to say, God has dealt bountifully with us. He has continually kept us in a place of having “just enough” so we HAVE to look to Him for help. While it was super hard to go through the process of paying off our debt, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think the most life changing moment was when I had to pay a set of bills and I had less than a dollar left over after paying for them…actually, it may have been pennies…So, if you’re walking through this now, know that someone has walked the road before you and there is hope!!



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