Day 1955 – Greene Behind The Scenes – Wedding At La Banque In Havre de Grace

Whenever I do a behind the scenes, I try to include at least one “nice” picture of us….



But we tend to attract fun and silly clients, so the “nice” pictures don’t last long…

<img src="; alt="day_1955b" width="584" height="389" class="alignnone size-large wp-image-8889" /

When the couple is eating dinner, we tend to kind of sit back, relax a little and watch the action. Bret decided this was the best spot…


“Ha ha, I’m just kidding guys, you can enjoy your meal in peace.”


“Sherry, will you tell me a story? It’s a good time, right?”


Bret always seems to get the cake body guard task…


“Ummmm, yea, I took a bite….is that ok?”


And to finish out….I love this shot kicking back with the bride showing her some fun shots. 🙂


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