Day 1914 – Living In Your Parents’ Basement Isn’t A Bad Thing

I’ve read a lot of business books and articles. A trend I’ve noticed is they say, do this or that so you don’t end up living in your parents’ basement. I can’t think of a time when I read something that put this in a positive light. I understand it’s mostly a societal thing. It’s the “American Dream” to have your own home, a 9-5 job and money to go out on the weekends.

Just over two years ago, Bret lost his job. At the time, things weren’t going super hot with photography and it was clear that this change in our income meant a major change, so back to my parents’ house we went.

It would be easy to begrudgingly make this change. It would be easy to complain about it. But honestly, I’ve found over the last two years, it’s been an easy change. There were a few growing pains, but for the most part, it was a wonderful change. Since we moved in, we’ve both grown in our relationships with my family, each other and God. I can see God’s timing in the whole situation. We’ve been able to help out when major family emergencies were happening. We’ve been able to lend an ear when others are going through struggles. We’ve laughed a lot.

I encourage you today in this; if your life doesn’t look like the American Dream, don’t fret about it. YOU make YOUR dream. It doesn’t have to fit into someone else’s mold.

“Contentment means being satisfied and at peace with God’s will in all situations. It’s a state of the soul where your desires conform to wherever you find yourself.” ~ Dave Harvey


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