Day 1895 – How Bret’s Socks Changed My View Of This Blog

There are days I struggle with what to talk about here on the blog. There are days I think this blog is dumb and who wants to see silly pictures of posters I just bought or what I’m reading right now. There are days that I get a few likes and that’s nice, so I keep writing and sharing our lives. Recently, I’ve been worried about continuing the blog because this fall looks a LOT different than previous years. I’ve worried that I won’t have anything to share. Some of my days run together because of their similarities to the day before and the day before that.

The other day I was putting the laundry away (while it was still warm from the dryer. Yea, hell had frozen over that day). I matched up Bret’s socks and it hit me how marriage is made up of a ton of little moments like that. After 7 and a half years of being together and 1,895 days of marriage, we have accumulated millions of these moments and facts about each other.

Then I combined these two thoughts….this blog is made up of the days of our marriage. There are days when the joy is unspeakable. There days when we capture the beginning of a marriage. There days when we go on insane adventures. There are days when the only noteworthy thing was that I took a nap and I share a picture that has been used more times than I care to admit. There are days when the day is about honoring a person who has passed away. There are days when it is about my family and their adventures and joys and sorrows. There are days when it is celebrating someone else’s anniversary. There are days when we celebrate a birthday. There are days when I am humbled. There are days when the world we know crumbles. There are days when a marriage falls apart (though I never blog about this). There are days when my heart swells with gratitude at all that God has blessed us with…from freedom from death and sin because of Christ’s sacrifice to a roof over our heads and a job for Bret that affords me the freedom to pursue my dreams.

In the same way that each day I awake with the drive and desire to work at my marriage, no matter what the day requires. I realize that I need to work at the blog each day. I look back over the days of our marriage and relationship and I see a beautiful tapestry. I can’t believe the two crazy kids that stayed up late on the phone, talking for hours about everything and nothing are still shining through behind the years of life of the people that we are now. It’s the same for this blog. It’s different than it was when I first started. It’s even changing from what it was a few months ago. But I will continue to wake up and share our marriage because I have no idea what it is creating and I can’t wait to find out.


Photo credit – Shawna Sherrell Photography


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