Day 1857 – Going To Bengies Drive-In – Where You Get Life Lessons…

Last night, we went to Bengie’s Drive-In with my youngest brother. We got a nice spot close to the exit, brought a TON of blankets and pillows, got great snacks in the snack bar (popcorn dipped in nacho cheese! YUM!) and had a really awesome time.

As the last movie was drawing to a close, we started packing up. As the credits started to roll, we got in to leave. Turned the key…..dead battery. Thankfully, Bengies has employees equipped with jump batteries fully charged. All you have to do is pop the hood and they’ll give you a jump. So we pop the hood and wait our turn. The folks next to us stopped to give us a jump….got it all set up….nothin’. Let it charge a few minutes….nothin’. Another guy stopped by and helped us out….still nothin’. We ended up calling a tow truck and then chatting with the guy for a few hours. For no other reason than being a nice guy, he hung around waiting with us. Even the manager stopped by a few times to check on us. Around 2:15/2:30, Bret had a sense to try again….a little hesitation and we have a running engine! We stopped by the manager’s office and give him the update.

Shout out here to the manager…..he was so kind to us. We felt bad for keeping him out so late, but he was incredibly gracious. Guys, seriously, you HAVE to go to this drive-in! Let alone the fact that it’s the only one around in Maryland….it’s a great experience and really affordable! ~$10 for 2-3 movies? Come on!

Anyways, I tell this story for the sole purpose of the fresh reminder of God’s goodness to us and how much he has been making us more and more like Christ. A few years back, heck a few months back, we would have been a lot less at peace with the whole situation. Oh, did I mention that MY car was in the shop at this moment as well?? But, here we were, with a broken down truck…that may be in need of serious work….or retirement. We had visions of “oh well, I guess we can’t do this or that now!” But the words from our lips were things like….”praise God it wasn’t my sister driving!”…”Thank God it happened THIS night and not tomorrow night.” (Bret starts training for his teaching job tomorrow)…”Thank God we’re in a safe location.”

After we gave the manager the update, we stopped, prayed and thanked God for such love and care for us. The truck made the whole drive home. Today, we were able to drive it to the shop where it’s getting a check up now. What a great reminder that God loves us so much to care for us in such detail!

I’ll leave you with a totally applicable verse from my devotions this morning!

Only fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24



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