Day 1851 – WHAT Is Under My DESK?!?!?!?

As you may know, we’re currently living in a basement. We get our share of “basement creatures” such as slugs, spiders, beetles, etc. I was working at my desk when I heard a scratching. I turned down my music and still heard it. That’s about the time I got scared. I’m alright with bugs (not my favorite, but ok) but this sounded like a mouse! I listened some more and got progressively more freaked out. I sat on my desk looking underneath. I sat in my chair with my legs up. I even tried to call Bret via my cell to the phone upstairs.

*cue dramatic internal monologue*

I finally walked up to get him and in a voice that held more panic than necessary, I exclaimed, “Bret! Come here!”

He immediately ran to my aid. Upon hearing I heard a scratching, I was chided with a “I thought someone was breaking in!”

Ashamed but still scared, I followed my brave husband as we descended the stairs into what may be our doom.

WHAT is under my desk??

Bret searched on bended knee, the cavernous recesses of my work area. Every movement I made brought forth a “shhhhh!”


On my suggestion, he carried what we believe housed my darkest uncertainties outside.

Ever scratching louder as the beast knew his doom was near.

As we settled the file holder on the steps outside, the scratching approached desperate.

We started extracting files and it was from the first envelope that the beast materialized.

A beetle, trapped in the web of photography samples, could not escape the beauty of the Miller’s paper samples.


Fly dear beetle, as you enjoy the beauties of the outdoor world.

And thank you dear husband, for saving me from certain death!


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