Day 1735 – Ten Ways To Finding Motivation When All You Want To Do Is Eat Ice Cream

Ok, I’m going to be 100% honest with y’all here. There are some days, most days, all days(?) that I have no motivation. I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to put myself out there again and again…..and again….to be turned down….again and again…..and again. There are days I just want to curl up in a little ball, eat ice cream and cry. There are aspects of my job that are hard, that require a ton of work, and to have an incredibly thick skin. But, ahhhh, the wonderful word “but,” I do love this job. I love all aspects of it from the accounting to the web development to the marketing to the shooting to the clients.

So, what do I do when there is a disconnect? How do I remind myself?

Here are 10 of my favorites:

1. Reread my testimonies. Knowing that I made a big enough difference in someone’s life that they can thank me is a HUGE motivator.

2. Go outside to read. This has been a little difficult until recently, but woo hoo spring!

3. Grab a pillow, put it to my face, and scream as loud as I can. Not only does it get the “ya ya’s” out, but it also makes me laugh at myself.

4. Turn up my “Jennilyn’s Epic Mix” on Spotify and dance and sing along. Dancing is a HUGE help.

5. Pull up a TED talk playlist and put together a puzzle while I listen. I’m obsessed with puzzles and the concept behind them….the idea that you can take a big pile of nothing and create something and everything has a spot is so encouraging.

6. Ask for it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put it out there that I’m not doing so good and I’m met with such love and encouragement, I can’t help but be motivated.

7. I look at the finances. Sometimes a realistic look at how we’re doing helps me to kick it into overdrive. lol, sometimes!

8. Watch this Kid President video. If you haven’t heard of and/or started following Kid President yet, please, do yourself a favor and start now. Also look into the story of how he got started. Very inspiring!

9. Drop everything, go for a drive with the windows down and grab a cup of coffee.

10. Post inspiring quotes everywhere! Check out one I got from Wegmans last night. I’ve seen this little stand with Quotable stuff…but I can’t bring myself to spend the money on a mug or purse….but they had these stickers, 3 to a pack, for $2.50. To me, that’s a good ROI for inspiration. I have one in my car, one on my computer and one that I haven’t decided placement yet…suggestions?


What about you? How do you find motivation?


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4 thoughts on “Day 1735 – Ten Ways To Finding Motivation When All You Want To Do Is Eat Ice Cream

  1. Your blog sounds interesting and inspiring .. hope to see more. Thank you for sharing and best wishes always … 🙂

  2. It’s always so great to know that I’m not alone in this feeling! My motivation has definitely been flagging in the past few weeks, so this came at a perfect time. Thank you for sharing!

    For me, I’ll go out to see a play or watch a great movie to remind myself that acting is REALLY what I want to do with my life, and that usually makes the fire burn a little brighter. Or I’ll go to my facebook group for Self-Managing Actors and read up on their successes. I see the work that they’re putting into their careers and how much fulfillment they’re getting out of it, and it makes me want to do the same thing!

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